Wednesday World of Romance: Miss Black by Krista Lakes


Welcome to our Wednesday World of Romance! Every Wednesday we’ll bring you a can’t-miss romance that will surely have you falling in love. This week’s title: Miss Black by Krista Lakes!

In Krista Lakes’ first Kindle Worlds novella Miss Black, travel back to the past, to a world a decade before H.M. Ward’s The Arrangement, to a time before the tragic end of Sean Ferro’s marriage. Told from Miss Black’s point of view, this is the first part of the story of how she fell hard for the charms of Sean Ferro, and how she eventually became the Madam that we all love to hate.

A little bit more about Miss Black:

In the present day, Sean Ferro told Avery Stanz about his past marriage engagements. She could hardly believe that her Madam, the strict and controlling Miss Black, would have been engaged to the man of her dreams.

Miss Black once told Avery about her time as a call girl, about her one true regret: that she had held onto the job too long, that she had let the right guy slip away.

This story can be read without prior knowledge of The Arrangement, though some portions will be more enjoyable if you’re already familiar with H.M. Ward’s bestselling serial.

Learn more about Miss Black here.

Tuesday Top Title! Venus and Mars by MLP


Welcome to Tuesday’s top title! Every Tuesday we’ll highlight one of our amazing Kindle Worlds’ titles that you won’t want to miss. This week’s title: Venus and Mars by MLP.

When the third season of Veronica Mars ended two episodes short, author MLP wrote Venus and Mars to tie up all of the loose ends, follow all of the clues and bring everything to a logical and satisfying conclusion.

And our readers couldn’t agree more!

“I’m so happy this is available on Kindle! This is by far my favorite follow up to the Veronica Mars series. Best ending ever, I wish they had filmed it. In my head, this is exactly how it all went down.” – M. Frank

“I really enjoyed this version of what happened after the last TV episode. The characterizations are spot on and there is plenty of suspense to go around.” – Dorsie Beth Smith

“This story by far is one of my favorites in the Veronica Mars fandom! So worth the investment.” – Michael Stewart

Learn more about Venus and Mars here.

Mystery Spotlight: Tree of Life by Timothy Zahn


Welcome to our Monday Mystery Spotlight! Every Monday we’ll bring you a must-read mystery for your summer reading list! This week’s title: Tree of Life by Timothy Zahn!

From New York Times bestselling author Timothy Zahn comes a new thriller in the Wayward Pines world. Tree of Life tells the story of the first populace of Wayward Pines and of their tragic and inevitable downfall.

More about Tree of Life:

Dr. David Pilcher dreamed of saving humanity by creating the last town on Earth, Wayward Pines. He preserved a group of hand-picked people to populate it but the first awakening became a disaster, forcing Pilcher to develop a new set of rules for the second set of inhabitants. And, with the best of intentions, he had indeed paved a road to hell.

Learn more about Tree of Life here.

Our Four Romance Worlds Are Going Strong!

It’s been three short weeks since we launched our four new romance worlds and we couldn’t be happier with the response! With twelve total titles released across all of the worlds, there are plenty of new stories for you to fall in love with.  


Bella Andre’s Game for Love world is hot, hot, hot right now with five total titles released! If you haven’t read Game for Love yet, then you’re in luck—for a limited time only, you can get it for $2.99!

For those of you who already know Game for Love inside and out, take this quiz to see just how big of a super-fan you really are!

Check out more great titles from our other three worlds: 

Wednesday World of Romance: Game On by Cat Johnson


Welcome to our Wednesday World of Romance! Every Wednesday we’ll bring you a can’t-miss romance that will surely have you falling in love. This week’s title: Game On by Cat Johnson!

From one of our newly launched worlds Game for Love, Game On has been at the top of our bestseller list since its release. This titillating romance features all of the makings of a must-read—a rich, alpha hero athlete who is also a Texas cowboy, and a private investigator heroine determined to catch him.

Want a little bit more?

Trent O’Shea is a superstar athlete on the football field, but for one week each year he escapes into anonymity at an exclusive resort in the Florida Keys that caters to the rich and famous. Armed with a fake identity, he’s happy to sit by the pool and do nothing except enjoy some breathtaking scenery.

Laurel Burnett never met a bad boy she couldn’t catch. Cheating spouses. Deadbeat dads. Scammers. Once the determined PI sets her sights on them they all fall, and the next alleged perpetrator in her crosshairs is none other than the San Francisco Outlaws’ Trent O’Shea and he will be her biggest trophy yet. She’ll do anything to bring him down, even follow him to a resort paradise and use herself as bait.

But things aren’t always as they appear and Trent and Laurel both learn that sometimes even perfectly planned plays can go wrong when love and lust are involved. Then it’s game on!

Learn more about Game On here.

Tuesday Top Title! Greatfall: The Complete Silo Novel


Welcome to Tuesday’s Top Title! Every Tuesday we’ll highlight one of our amazing Kindle Worlds’ titles that you won’t want to miss. This week’s title: Greatfall: The Complete Silo Novel by Jason Gurley!

Our most reviewed title with 4.4 out of 5 stars, this end-of-the-world adventure is from the popular Silo Saga. Even Hugh Howey is singing Jason Gurley’s praises saying, “[He] will be a household name one day.”

A little bit more about Greatfall: The Complete Silo Novel:

Greatfall is a dark new story set in the world of Wool, Hugh Howey’s post-apocalyptic vision of humanity and its struggle to survive. (This is the complete story, compiled of individually published Parts 1-3).

Disconnected from the grid, Silo 23 appears to be dead and rotted from the inside, but Maya discovers a silo that is anything but deceased. Shut off from the outside world and other silos, Silo 23 has evolved into something unexpected, and something more horrifying than Maya could have anticipated.

Learn more about Greatfall: The Complete Silo Novel here. 

Mystery Spotlight: Out with a Bang by Stephen John


Welcome to our Monday Mystery Spotlight! Every Monday we’ll bring you a must-read mystery for your summer reading list. This week’s title: Out with a Bang by Stephen John!

Hovering at the top of our Kindle Worlds’ bestseller list, this John Rain title is “Rain at his finest.” Out with a Bang is an action-packed adventure, which has reimagined the beloved assassin in his sixties and still at the top of his game.

A little bit more about Out with a Bang:

John Rain, a skilled assassin with over thirty-five years of hard living behind him, is a man looking for personal time to reflect. Retire? Perhaps. He travels to Seattle, Washington, where his goals are simple: reflection and relaxation. What he encounters when he arrives, however, is anything but relaxing.

Rain discovers that the twin sister of an old Army buddy has gone missing. Though he has not seen Mark Jackson in nearly forty years, Rain does not hesitate to offer assistance when he hears Emma Jackson is missing. His investigation uncovers a complex drama involving a corrupt police officer, the Russian mob and a drug lord. Rain soon discovers Emma is being held captive, to be used as a pawn, part of a deadly agenda.

When a rescue attempt is thwarted, Rain seeks an alliance with an unlikely source, the Russian mob, setting up a nail-biting confrontation when the principle characters all meet in an explosive finale.

Learn more about Out with a Bang here.

Announcing: Four New Worlds from Best-Selling Romance Novelists Barbara Freethy, Bella Andre, H.M. Ward, and Lucy Kevin

From contemporary romance to new adult, you can now publish stories set in the Worlds created by four superstar romance authors. New World launches include:


Barbara Freethy’s The Callaways—The hit series from the best-selling Kindle Direct Publishing author of all-time on Amazon


Bella Andre’s Game for Love—The sizzling series about the superstars women lust after from the New York Times best-selling author


H.M. Ward’s The Arrangement—The steamy, sexy New York Times best-selling new adult romance series with over a million copies sold


Lucy Kevin’s Four Weddings and a Fiasco—The sweet, contemporary romance series from the USA Today best-selling author

Ready your HEAs - All four Worlds are now open and available for you to publish your own stories at

Jason Gurley Gives His Tips for Designing a Great Book Cover

I judge books by their covers.

I do this, and you do this, and so does everybody else who has ever stood in a bookstore, staring at a field of rectangles, each and every last one of them demanding to be picked up.

We all do it.

I write books, and I think about covers all the time. I’ve been designing book covers for only a short while. I began with my own covers, and before long, other authors — and some publishers — were asking if I’d design their covers. I estimate I’ve designed about 250 covers in the last 16 months

Since Kindle Worlds opened last year, I’ve been active in its walls both as a writer and a cover designer. I’ve written in both Hugh Howey’s Silo Saga world and Rob Thomas’s Veronica Mars world — but I’ve designed covers for other authors who are publishing John Rain stories and The Abnorm Chronicles stories, to name a few. Every day, there are more and more stories published in Kindle Worlds — which means every day there are more books competing for your readers. (Well, your potential readers. You still have to write a good story.)

Let’s look at two recent book covers that I designed for Kindle Worlds titles.

Glimmer, by J.R. Rain & Eve Paludan (The Abnorm Chronicles)


J.R. and Eve’s short story follows Dana, a woman who can shift her identity and adapt to any situation. She’s beautiful, dangerous, and unpredictable. The cover needed to capture that smoky, trans-formative quality – so rather than work with a typical portrait of an attractive model, I chose a piece of art that not only communicates the heroine’s classic beauty, but frames her in a box that she can immediately break out of. The watercolor style of the illustration underscores the unpredictability of the character, and has the added bonus of standing out from other books in both the Abnorm Chronicles world and the genre.

Escape from the Academy, by Neal Pollack (The Abnorm Chronicles)


Let’s stay in the Abnorm Chronicles world for a moment, and take a look at a very different cover. Neal Pollack has written a few immersive, breakneck Kindle Worlds stories. Escape from the Academy examines the dark side of the ‘Abnorm’ world — a sinister academy for gifted children, a prison in all but name. The cover of Escape suggests exactly what you might expect — a child running for her life — but uses a muted palette and looming trees to capture the ever-present threat of capture. For this cover, I encircled Neal’s title and byline in a floating orb, a throwback to some of the great cover designs of the 1960s, and a subtle nod to the watchful eye of the Academy.

Amazon has tried to make it a little easier for authors to take the bull by the horns and design their own covers. Kindle Worlds has a built-in book cover creator tool. If you’ve published a book in Kindle Worlds, you’ve seen it. Here are a few simple tips that may help you design an effective book cover on your own.

Select a well-balanced image.

When creating your own cover, you’ll find that Amazon has a deep library of stock photography available for use. You can select images based on their content or on a certain mood or graphic concept. You can also upload an image of your own (though you should always make sure you own the rights to the image, or have acquired the proper rights for use).

A book cover is only as strong as its parts, so look for an image that will support the text you’ll be putting on top of it. If the subject of your image is dead-center in the frame, you may run into problems placing your title or name later. Look for images that use negative space intelligently. They’re more interesting, and will help focus the reader’s attention when you begin working with type.

Use type clearly and intentionally.

Setting type in the cover creator is easy, though you’ll find that it doesn’t allow for a lot of nuance. One of the most important things you can do when designing a cover is try to achieve balanced typography. When every word on the cover is the same size, it becomes difficult for the reader to focus their attention where you’d most like it.

Fortunately, the cover creator allows you to not only align type where you want it, it allows you to choose from a variety of well-designed typefaces — some of which I’ve used on my own cover projects before — and assign different weights to the type (currently regular, bold and italic).

Compare your work with your fellow Kindle Worlds authors.

The last thing you want to do is create a cover that’s identical to another author’s book, particularly one in the same world you’ve written in. While the cover creator provides so many design and type options that this might be unlikely, it’s still worth verifying that you aren’t creating confusion for readers. This exercise also makes it easy to see what books are performing well in Kindle Worlds, and just might inspire you to try something different. Authors are doing all kinds of interesting things with their self-created covers.

With a little ingenuity, patience, and some balance, every book published in Kindle Worlds can have a cover that says to a reader, “Trust me. I’m good. I won’t let you down.”

Go Underground In This Friday Giveaway!

Kick off the holiday weekend by entering to win Carol Davis’ Silo Saga hit Rebel: State Underground!

ENTER HERE by Friday May 23rd at 11:59pm PDT to win a copy of this end-of-the-world thriller!

Learn more about Rebel State: Underground:

From Hugh Howey’s World of Wool… 

Book 1 in the best-selling REBEL STATE series!
Once upon a time… the world outside came to an end.
Lexie Brownell brought her two children to Atlanta to attend the National Convention, telling them that afterwards they’d head down to Orlando to visit the parks and see the princesses. But a bright light erupted, mushroom clouds began to form, and everyone attending the Convention was herded underground, into what was supposed to be a nuclear waste storage facility.
To Lexie’s horror, she discovers that her brother knew all of this was going to happen. That he added her name, and those of her children, to a carefully screened list of people who’d be saved — and condemned to a life underground. Life in an enormous concrete silo, where there are farms, schools, apartments, factories, water processing plants — the seeds of a new community.

A community they can never leave. 

Terms and Conditions:

ENTER HERE by Friday May 23rd 11:59pm Pacific to win 1 copy awarded to 5 total winners. See terms and conditions below.

Amazon Terms and Conditions

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