New world launching! Hugh Howey’s Sand is open now!


We’re pleased to announce a new sci-fi world launching on Kindle WorldsSand Saga by the formidable Hugh Howey! With the enthusiasm around Howey’s Silo Saga world based on his New York Times bestselling WOOL series, we couldn’t wait to team up again to offer fans another world to explore. But unlike WOOL which focuses on a dystopian world under totalitarian rule, Sand Saga is an exploration of lawlessness.

Here is a land ignored. Here is a people left to fend for themselves.

Welcome to Sand Saga:

West of No Man’s Land and east of the Stony Mountains is a godforsaken land covered in misery and sand. The people on this scrap of earth survive only by donning suits that allow them to dive deep into the dunes to recover scraps from a forgotten age. They have assembled a new and fragile society on the shifting sands. A land of lawlessness, of pirates and gangs, of Lords with brief and nasty reigns. The nearest city is Springston, with its great wall that holds back the westerly winds. South is Low-Pub. And north, the legendary and forgotten town of Danvar. Anyone who leaves this world is never heard from again, but maybe that’s because they’d just as soon forget they were ever there.  

There is much left to explore in the world of Sand Saga! Whether you tell the story of its vast prehistory, follow one of the siblings in a side adventure, or write a tale set in the newly discovered Danvar, your imagination is the limit.

Learn more about submitting your story here.

Tuesday’s Top Title! Dirty Work by Tom Pinchuk


It’s Tuesday’s top title! Every Tuesday we’ll highlight one of our amazing Kindle Worlds’ titles that you won’t want to miss. This week’s title: Dirty Work by Tom Pinchuk!

Comics creator and screenwriter Tom Pinchuk has brought his ingenious imagination and signature humor to the G.I. Joe world. Released only two short weeks ago, this Kindle Worlds’ novella has already earned 5 stars, making it clear that we’re not the only ones excited about Pinchuk’s foray into prose.

More about Dirty Work:

Masterminds. Commandos. Joes and Vipers. Everybody deals with horrible bosses sooner or later.

When Cobra Commander makes a move to take over an island palace (Why? No reason aside from Serpentor’s nonsensical order), G.I. Joe must respond, no matter how small the operation. So, with all other Joes engaged, this unpleasant task falls to an injured Alpine and the ever-ornery Beach Head. Somehow, they’ve go to take the palace back with no gear, no support, and no respect.

It’d be just another workday, if the palace didn’t turn out to be full of unlucky janitors on the wrong shift. Now, what looked like business as usual has become a dire hostage rescue—one that will teach these Joes a harsh lesson about the most important part of the job.

Learn more about Dirty Work here

Wednesday World of Romance: Secrets by Monique DuBois

Welcome to our Wednesday World of Romance! Every Wednesday we’ll bring you a can’t-miss romance that will surely have you falling in love. This week’s title: Secrets by Monique DuBois!

From Monique DuBois, bestselling author of the Curvy Girl Erotic Romance series, comes this steamy new story out in H.M. Ward’s The Arrangement world. Already earning 4.9 stars, Secrets features canon series favorites Sean Ferro, Avery Stanz, and Miss Black and can be read separately from The Arrangement series, though we’re pretty sure you’ve already read each one.

More about Secrets:

Jasmine wants to fall in love but knows she never will. That kind of luck doesn’t happen to a girl like her—a girl from a hardscrabble past and a heart that’s grown a protective shell.

When Jasmine arrives in New York for her cousin Amber’s funeral, she hopes to leave the past behind and start a whole new life. She meets Avery Stanz, her cousin’s former roommate, who provides a reference to Miss Black, the imposing madam who runs a high-class escort agency. Soon, Jasmine is propelled into a whole new life of money, glamour, and no-strings-attached sex—or so she thinks.

What she doesn’t expect is to meet a sexy stranger who intrigues her, confounds her, and makes her feel things she’s never felt before. Unfortunately, she discovers he’s been keeping a secret that can either make or break their relationship. Will she follow her heart and give him a second chance? Or, will their pasts prevent them from finding the true love they both deserve?

Learn more about Secrets here.

What’s On Your Fall Reading List? Check Out These Titles!


Fall has officially arrived and to celebrate the turn of the season we have three can’t-miss titles for $1.99 for a limited time! At Kindle Worlds, we have something for every mood, whether it be a steamy romance, an edge-of-your-seat thriller, or an intriguing sci fi. So, grab your cocoa and settle into your comfiest easy chair—we’ve got your fall reading covered.

Before the Fall by Stephen Romano | 4.1 stars

Another installment in the mind-bending Wayward Pines world, Before The Fall follows reborn, rebooted, and ready-for action private detective Joe Casey as he pursues megalomaniac genius David Pilcher and his army of followers into the mountains of Wayward Pines. Joe must be getting rusty, though, because before too long he finds himself in the crosshairs of Pilcher’s most sinister agent, the beautiful and deadly Pam Prescott.

Twist by Kevin J. Anderson | 4.2 stars

From the highly popular The Abnorm Chronicles world, Twist follows Agent Nick Cooper on the hunt for a serial killer murdering Brilliants in Denver. The only witness is disabled vet Adam Lee, wounded in the Special Forces mission to Cuba to destroy Fidel Castro’s secret Brilliant academy. Though wheelchair-bound and trapped in his seventh-story apartment, Lee has a special skill, his ability as a Brilliant to use hints and reflections to see around corners and through the smallest cracks. If he pushes his ability, he may be able to identify the murderer—but that also makes him a target.

Love Thy Enemy by Michelle Hazen | 4.5 stars

Part of The Vampires Diaries world, Love Thy Enemy is book two in her Desperate Love trilogy—a suspensful and steamy exploration of the true nature of love and free will, friendship, and sacrifice. The Gilberts are struggling to maintain a tenuous balance as Jeremy’s vampire hunter urges grow stronger and Elena battles the overwhelming desires of a newly transitioned vampire. Damon is doing his best to teach Jeremy control and keep Elena safe from his brother, but when a new vampire hunter vows to turn Elena and Jeremy against each other, will Damon be able to pull them all through unscathed?

Check out more Kindle Worlds’ titles here.

Wednesday World of Romance: The Wedding Wine by Kathy Carmichael


Welcome to our Wednesday World of Romance! Every Wednesday we’ll bring you a can’t-miss romance that will surely have you falling in love. This week’s title: The Wedding Wine by Kathy Carmichael!

Fans of Lucy Kevin’s bestselling Four Weddings and a Fiasco series will love The Wedding Wine, a sweet romance by Kathy Carmichael, USA Today bestselling author of the Texas Two-Step series. This story follows Mandy Owen who wants nothing to do with romance, especially with a mom who is currently planning her fifth wedding.

More about The Wedding Wine:

Successful businessman, Blake Morris, has returned home to save the old family winery. Morris Rivers Winery is a well-respected boutique vineyard that’s been in his family for four generations and he can’t allow the family vineyard to wither on the vine. Since his wines are ideal for wineries, he contacts the Rose Chalet.

Rose Martin, owner of the Rose Chalet, is interested in offering Blake’s wines to her couples. Before making a final decision, she asks Blake to hold a wine tasting for one of her repeat customers, Mandy’s mother.

At the wine tasting, Blake is bowled away by Mandy—and the sparks flying between them are unmistakable. He’s certain this savvy and charming spitfire is his perfect match.

Can Blake convince Mandy there’s something more to their attraction than mere chemistry? And if he does, will Mandy risk her heart for a chance at lasting love?

Learn more about The Wedding Wine here.

Tuesday’s Top Title! Luck Be A Lady by Carrie Vaughn


It’s Tuesday’s top title! Every Tuesday we’ll highlight one of our amazing Kindle Worlds’ titles that you won’t want to miss. This week’s title: Luck Be A Lady by Carrie Vaughn!

New York Times bestselling author Carrie Vaughn brings this tantalizing story to the Kindle Worlds’ G.I. Joe world, and with 4.8 stars, we’re not the only ones excited! In Luck Be A Lady, you’ll travel to Sin City with Lady Jaye and Cover Girl on a mission that has excitement in spades.

More about Luck Be A Lady:

In this episode, Lady Jaye and Cover Girl are in Las Vegas tracking down a secret Cobra bunker. But instead of a secret bunker, they find the Baroness and Dr. Mindbender on the verge of launching a nefarious experiment that could spell doom for the entire city. Parental advisory: this episode contains disguises, trick javelins, mad races across the desert, and explosions. Lots and lots of explosions.

Learn more about Luck Be A Lady here.

Mystery Spotlight: The Last Betrayal by Steven Konkoly

Welcome to our Monday Mystery Spotlight! Every Monday we’ll bring you a must-read mystery for your autumn reading list. This week’s title: The Last Betrayal by Steven Konkoly!

Following Steven Konkoly’s Kindle Worlds’ bestseller First Contact, The Last Betrayal is book two in the planned trilogy The Genesis Series. Set in the early days of Blake Crouch’s Wayward Pines series, Konkoly brings us another fast-paced, can’t-put-down thriller. And, if you love the first two books in the series as much as we do, then stay tuned for Sanctuary, the third and final book in the trilogy out this October!

About The Last Betrayal:

Opposed by the lethal creatures swarming Wayward Pines, David Pilcher convinces Adam Hassler, former Delta Force operator, to execute a critical mission—deep into hostile territory.

Reluctantly accepting the near-suicidal assignment, Hassler embarks on a harrowing solo journey to liberate Wayward Pines and win the respect of Pilcher’s people.

In the superstructure, conspiracies are hatched and loyalties are tested, as the ever shifting sands of Pilcher’s mistrust slowly erode the pillars holding up Wayward Pines.

Learn more about The Last Betrayal here.

Get ready for football season by entering to win Game For You by 9/15!


Are you ready for some football? Then enter to win Jami Davenport’s Game For You!

Entering is easy! Click the link below and follow the two quick steps to receive digital content from Kindle Worlds by simply signing into your Amazon account.

ENTER HERE by Monday, September 15th at 11:59 pm PDT to win a copy of this sexy love story that scores extra points in our book!

Award-winning author Jami Davenport brings Game For You to the Game For Love world and we’ve gone wild with excitement.

In Game For You, Branson Bullock has been forced into early retirement from one hard hit too many. His future looks bleak, and he’s struggling with what’s next, since he’s never planned for a life off the field.

Sarah Largo escaped an abusive relationship and has reinvented herself. As Branson’s housekeeper, she keeps his home spotless, plans his parties, and cooks his meals, but her bad case of hero-worship for the former football star is Sarah’s delicious secret.

When Branson impulsively invites Sarah to dinner, he never expects sparks to flare between them. Intrigued, he pursues her with all the determination he ever put to use on the football field, but Sarah is still struggling with feeling worthy of a good man’s love.

Have their pasts broken them beyond repair, or is a new life together just the beginning?

Terms and Conditions:

ENTER HERE by September 15th at 11:59 pm PDT for a chance to win one of 20 eBook copies of Game For You. See terms and conditions here.

Wednesday World of Romance: The Chase by Lauren Hawkeye

Welcome to our Wednesday World of Romance! Every Wednesday we’ll bring you a can’t-miss romance that will surely have you falling in love. This week’s title: The Chase by Lauren Hawkeye!

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lauren Hawkeye comes this new story out in H.M. Ward’s The Arrangement world. Released only one week ago, The Chase has already earned 4.9 stars and features canon series favorites Sean Ferro, Miss Black, Henry Thomas, and Trystan Scott.

More about The Chase:

Carly Daniels grew up in the gutter and thought she’d been through the worst life had to offer. She’s scraped and clawed her way to a college scholarship, but a betrayal from her own mother shows her that life doesn’t always play fair. Sick of scrambling to make ends meet, Carly finds the answer to her need for quick cash in a job as a high-priced call girl for the mysterious and scary Miss Black.

Rocker Adam Kincaid isn’t interested in women. At least, he never has been before. But something about the determined, fresh faced young escort pulls at him. He tries to write it off as momentary insanity, but when fate drops the scrappy, sexy brunette in his lap, he rethinks his position.

Adam does what any sane, hedonistic rock star would do, he kidnaps her. His goal? Chase her down, no matter her preconceptions of him—chase her down and make her his.

Learn more about The Chase here.

Tuesday Top Title: Escape by T.R. Ragan!

It’s Tuesday’s top title! Every Tuesday we’ll highlight one of our amazing Kindle Worlds’ titles that you won’t want to miss. This week’s title: Escape by T.R. Ragan!

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author T.R. Ragan brings her signature excitement to Blake Crouch’s intriguing Wayward Pines world. This bite-size thriller is set in the year 3813 and nothing will ever be the same again.

More about Escape:

Ashley Myers is abducted, put into suspension for eighteen hundred years, then awakened and integrated into a town she wants no part of. Wayward Pines is made up of lost souls, psychopaths, and people biding time, waiting for the right moment to leave.

The only difference between Ashley and the rest of the people in town is that she knows the truth. That is until Sheriff Burke tells everyone in town what he knows. He tries to put a stop to the insanity, but the higher-ups who live in the mountains reward his efforts by opening the gates and letting the monsters in.  

Tonight is the night. It’s time to run for their lives. It’s time to escape Wayward Pines.

Learn more about Escape here.